Enhance the Safety of Your Home or Business

Enhance the Safety of Your Home or Business

Get rid of bacteria and viruses with air purifier services in Billings, MT

Airborne bacteria and fast-spreading viruses, including the coronavirus, can live in your ductwork and float around your home or business. With a pandemic affecting the globe, it's crucial to protect the people you care about now more than ever. While your HVAC system alone can't eliminate airborne illnesses, air purifiers and UV light can help reduce airborne germs. That's why Big Sky Heating and Cooling provides air purifier installation services throughout Billings, MT.

Alongside an air purifier, we recommend UV light installation services. Your HVAC system will use the ultraviolet lights to help kill airborne bacteria and viruses. We use Aprilaire and Guardian UV lights and MERV 14 air filters to provide you with top-quality results.

We care about your health and safety. Call 406-672-9150 for a free estimate today.

5 benefits of UV light

UV light benefits your property by...

  1. Killing bacteria, viruses and germs
  2. Improving indoor air quality
  3. Improving your HVAC's efficiency
  4. Reducing mold and allergens
  5. Preventing maintenance problems

Upgrade the quality of your indoor air. Contact Big Sky Heating and Cooling for UV light installation in Billings, MT.